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All Kinds of Paper, Chemical & Offset press materials

New muktinath traders and suppliers is a national wide dealer in the paper and printing material suppliers with operations since last  decades in the nepali market. We are the leading suppliers of paper and printing materials in the city of Kathmandu and also have supply chain all over the country. Over one and half decades we have grown from strength to strength and built a reputation for always delivering paper on time. Now, we have expanded and grown to become one of the leading paper merchant in Nepal and one of the largest reseller paper in Kathmandu and its surrounding area for a variety products like Artpaper, woodfree, weightless, carbonless, sticker paper, color maplitho, ledger paper, ivory, cardboard, duplex ,color paper and all other printing paper , offset ink, chemicals and  printing items. we are the sole distubutor of weightless paper. We are an end to end paper solution provider, consistently delivering products and service ranging from art paper to delux(news print). Our products are used for a variety of purpose i.e books, notebooks, copier paper, packing and printing by a variety of clients from corporate to printing houses. we are the authorized distributor of Double A photocopy paper in Nepal. We as a group, provide a complete range of printing materials in variety of sizes, gsm and quality.

Message from propieter

  It was quite different experience to me dealing about printing materials about a decade ago. The most advantage that we got a space of a suppliers which was working in this field since last three decades. It was great challenge to us to sustain in the field of printing line in the circumstance of reseller.  With the support of our valueable customer and support we are now one of the top reseller and upgrowing importer of printing materials, we cannot forget to thanks all our valuable customer for supporting us and providing guidelines . From last five years we started to supply all officials materials. Now company have experience in nationwide bidding competition also. Here I want to add some views in the printing field , as a young enterpenuer my aim is to stop the printing job in india. Printingof  job in india is a big problem of our printing press publisher, paper merchant. Though publisher has also same problem in Nepal which is difficult to overcome.  According to demand of market we have started our import to speciality product. We also import paper products according to customer desire and demand. Shortly we are going on economic market which will be a fruitfull to customer outside the Kathmandu valley.   As Nepal has a experience in export paper in last year i.e bhirkuti paper mill meet the demand of Nepalese market and also used to export in india and japan. But the condition has become reserved. The mill has been closed and now demand of Nepalese market has not fulfilled by our other factory i.e reliance paper, Everest paper mill, baba paper mills and we are importing paper from india, china, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand,korea, European countries usa and Canada too. Our currency is diverted to these countries. There is need of nepali paper factories to opened to occupy the market of Nepalese printing paper which will stop the revenue of market.  Shortly and lastly I would like to thanks all of my valuable customer, family member and importers for hand to hand support.