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Muktinath Traders

All Kinds of Paper, Chemical & Offset press materials

New Muktinath Traders and Suppliers is a national wide dealer in paper and printing material suppliers with operations for more than 1 and half decades in the Nepali market. We are the leading supplier of paper and printing materials in the city of Kathmandu and also have supply chains all over the country. Over one and half decades we have grown a strong relationship with our customers and built a reputation for always delivering paper on time. Now, we have expanded and grown to become one of the leading paper merchants in Nepal and one of the most significant resellers of paper in Kathmandu and its surrounding area for a variety of products like Artpaper, Woodfree, Weightless, Carbonless, Sticker paper, Color Maplitho, Ledger Paper, Ivory Paper, Cardboard, Duplex, Color Paper, and all other printing paper, Offset ink, Chemicals, and printing items. We are the sole distributor of Weightless Paper. We are an end-to-end paper solution provider, consistently delivering products and services ranging from Art paper to Delux(newsprint). Our products are used for various purposes i.e. books, notebooks, copier paper, packing, and printing by various clients from corporate to printing houses. we are the authorized distributor of Double A photocopy paper in Nepal. We as a group, provide a complete range of printing materials in a variety of sizes, gsm, and quality.

Message from propieter

Reflecting on the past 15 years, our journey in the printing materials industry has been a remarkable evolution. A decade ago, we faced the challenges of establishing ourselves in a field dominated by resellers. However, with the unwavering support of our valued customers, we have not only overcome these challenges but have emerged as one of the top resellers and growing importers of printing materials. Our success story has been shaped by one decade of experience from a dedicated supplier. The last five years witnessed our expansion into supplying materials to officials and participating in nationwide bidding competitions. We express sincere gratitude to our customers for their support and guidance, crucial in steering us toward our current standing. As a young entrepreneur, my vision extends beyond mere business growth. I aspire to revolutionize the printing industry in India, addressing challenges faced by printing press publishers and paper merchants. While similar challenges persist in Nepal, we strive to overcome them through strategic imports and specialization in products tailored to customer needs. Recognizing market demands, we have ventured into importing specialty products and customized paper goods. Our forthcoming entry into economic markets outside the Kathmandu Valley aims to benefit customers beyond regional boundaries. Notably, our efforts align with Nepal's experience in exporting paper to countries like India and Japan. However, the closure of Bhirkuti Paper Mill and challenges faced by local factories like Reliance Paper, Everest Paper Mill, and Baba Paper Mills have compelled us to import from various countries, including India, China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, European countries, USA, and Canada. This has diverted our currency away from the Nepalese market. In order to secure the Nepalese printing paper market and retain revenue within the country, it is imperative for local paper factories to thrive. We urge the reopening of Nepali paper mills to meet the domestic demand and contribute to overall economic growth. I extend heartfelt thanks to our valuable customers, supportive family members, and dedicated importers for their continued collaboration. Hand in hand, we look forward to further milestones and a future where the printing industry in Nepal stands tall and self-sufficient.