Weightless paper


We offer qualitative Novel Paper, which is also popularly known as weightless paper, made in Europe using materials of virgin, reclaimed and recycle pulps in competitive price with spot delivery service. 

Now, we have 16.5x22, 18x22, 18x23, 18x24 and 20x30 inch sized weightless papers available. We can offer such a paper as per the demands of the clients.  

The weightless is widely used for printing, particularly the books. As books printed in the weightless paper are easy to carry due to its weightless features, global trend to print books from ranges of text books to biography, story, poem, story, fiction and nonfiction book and many more others has shifted now into weightless paper. 

Some advantages of using weightless Paper

1. Eye Protection: - As weightless paper have natural shade color and low brightness, it is easy to read even for long time without headache. Researchers have found that books printed in weightless paper can read 10 times more than other books printed in wood free and map litho or other short of papers.

2. Low in weight: - Due to the higher bulk factor,  the books, printed weightless paper of 60 GSM seems thicker than printed in 80 GSM wood free and map litho paper and about 50 percent lower in weight. 

So, such books are easy to carry and portable regardless in bag or hand. Books printed in weightless paper are considered as highly beneficial particularly to the, travelers, students and old age people.

3. Cost effective: - The cost of printing is also comparatively lower than other printing, due to its weightless features. 

SIZE 20*30 18*22 18*23 22*32


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